The Program

Building the future of fitness

This program is training a new generation of passionate health professionals through experiential and practical learning. Our curriculum fosters individual creativity and retention of information over the long term. Our goal is to create a network of top professionals working in cooperation for the purpose of meeting the needs of the client.



Option 1: Become a SomaTrainer  

To receive your SomaTraining diploma, you can follow a three year program. There will be five courses each year. Each course is in the form of a three day intensive workshop, in order to make the program more accessible to out of town students

You can receive a discount of $800 a year by registering for the full program. See the complete curriculum of the training here below.

Option 2: Take a course à la carte

The majority of the courses offered in the SomaTraining program can be taken à la carte ( See * in the curriculum below for courses requiring a prerequisite ). You can choose to only follow one or a few of our courses to add tools to your practice.


1. Segmental and Analytical Reinforcement of the Abdominal and Thoracic Diaphragm

2. Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Lower Limbs

3. Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Upper Limbs and Trunk

4. Transverse Abdominus Reinforcement and Training

5. Squat and posturologyanalasys

6. General ELDOA

7. Specific Proprioception and Awareness

8. MFS - Myo-fascial Stretching

9. Specific ELDOA

10. Kinesiology, periodization and clinical applications

11. Cardiovascular training and physical conditioning tests 

12. Vascular and Respiratory Exercises

13. GPS - Global postural stretching

14. Orthopedic Strapping

15. Clinical Applications, Sauna and Examination

1. Are you a health professional and would like to learn new tools? SomaTraining is the perfect addition to your approach to:


2. Are you only just starting in the fitness and healthcare profession? SomaTraining is also for you! A course in basic anatomy will be offered before starting the program and advanced anatomy will be taught throughout the program.


Paul Gagné

Fitness Coach for Professional and Olympic Athletes

Charles Poliquin

Physical trainer specialized in sports performance

Paul Chek

Physical trainer and specialist in specific training and rehabilitation

Francine Savard

Physical trainer and specialist in bodybuilding and fitness.

Vincent Comtois

Physical trainer and naturopath. President of the company ATP lab

What is somatraining? The Instructor